PRETTY IN PINK Recently I’ve found a love for pink. Weird right? I think it’s such an odd colour for me to like. But, it’s great. Pink is bold, and soft at the same time. However, I can be picky with my shades of pink that I put in my closet. Depending on the undertones […]


MONOCHROME Lately, I’ve been into monochrome outfits. So today I chose to wear head to toe creams/white/nudes. First, I picked out these white trousers from my closet. (Who said you cant wear white after labor day??!!) Everyone needs a good pair of white pants, whether they are denim, trousers, or culottes. Next, I popped on […]


While picking up a few things from the mall the other day, I popped into H&M to see if there was anything that jumped out at me. I often skip H&M altogether because I get overwhelmed by such a large selection of clothing. However lately, I have stumbled upon a few exciting pieces from there. This […]