Keeping it rather simple in this light linen dress. Since the beginning of summer, I had been searching for the perfect white summer dress. You may think this would be rather easy considering how plain the one I ended up with is. But trust me, it’s harder than you’d think, (well at least when you are as picky as me).

I’ve tried on probably 30 different white sundresses, and a lot of the time the issue was that the styles made me look 5 years old. That is definitely not the look I want. Then the other issue was they were to flowy on my body shape. Billowing in places that you’d rather have fitted, and tight in places you’d rather it not be. So I finally found this plain little white dress. Flows in all the right places, while having light fabric to keep you cool on a sunny day. While staying in Mesa, AZ, this was very important. The other great thing about this dress is it can be dressed up, and down to whatever occasion you need.



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