Ohhhh yes, it’s finally bear coat season.

For some reason, I’m very drawn to fluffy coats of any color and shape. (This one is just the first of many to come). Out of all of the black coats I have overflowing my closet, I have a feeling this is going to be my go-to this season. What’s not to love? You are basically getting away with wearing a blanket as a piece of outerwear.

The dress I’ve layered underneath my coat is one that took some hunting to find. I was searching for a longer dress to wear through fall that wasn’t going to make my legs fall off in the cold. This one from Cheap Monday I adore. I have struggled in the past with dresses that go past the knee cutting me off in an unflattering place, but this one does not. The slit up the leg also helps with this issue. Another reason I am a huge fan of this dress is that it is such a simple thing to throw on and be comfortable in all day.

This pink bag has been a staple for me lately. I find that I stay more organized when I use smaller bags, (probably because I can fit less of my junk in them). I love that it’s so plain, and the pink is so muted that it matches with many different outfits. This keeps me from having to switch back and forth between bags every day.


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