Recently I’ve found a love for pink. Weird right? I think it’s such an odd colour for me to like. But, it’s great. Pink is bold, and soft at the same time. However, I can be picky with my shades of pink that I put in my closet. Depending on the undertones of your skin one shade may work better for you than another. For me, since I have a more yellow undertone, icy pink looks best on me. It looks sharp against my skin. For my mother, she has very red undertones in her skin. People with red undertones in their skin often think you can’t wear pink, but you can. Just go for a coral pink. With this particular sweater, it has many small details that caught my eye. It has multicoloured threads poking throughout it. Having all the different colours makes this sweater easy to match with other pieces. This pretty sweater has a pleat at the top of the widely cut sleeve. The sleeve on this sweater makes it a bit more special than just a basic knitted turtleneck which I adore.

The boots are back again, what more can I say.

We saved the best for last. This skirt may look familiar to some of you. Yes, it is the same as the blood orange one I wrote a post about a month or so ago. I had been wandering through H&M on my lunch break when I found this guy in the sale section. When I tell you the price of this skirt you’ll understand why I couldn’t walk away. $7!!! $7 for a skirt. Ya ok ill take it. I love this skirt because it’s trendy because of the pleats, but also timeless because of its A-line shape, and solid black colour. I’ll be able to wear this skirt season in and season out for a long time.

Skirt (similar)
Bag (similar)



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  1. Again you look very put together in an easy way. I love pink too but hardly ever wear it.

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