This past year was as Kylie Jenner says best “the year of realizing stuff, and everyone around me, we are all just realizing things.” As stupid as it sounds its kind of true. I learned a lot in 2017. A lot about myself, and the relationships in my life.

I have been MIA from my blog for the past month. I took off some time from writing, and posting for a few reasons. First being that I needed some time to spend with family, and finish up my first semester at school. Secondly being that I had a few things to deal with on my own. As much as I love writing and posting on my blog, there is a downside. You make yourself rather vulnerable to the public. When I say public, I mean both your biggest fans, but also the people who don’t like you. For a long time in my life, I have let what people think and say about me influence what I do. However, 2017 was my year for “realizing stuff”.

For 2018 I’ve made a few resolutions for myself. Nothing crazy and senseless, but rather small changes to make in my everyday life.

Surround Yourself With Good People

This past year has taught me a lot about the type of person I am, and who I’ve become. I’ve always been a very quiet and shy person. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught in what others want for you and not what you want for yourself. Keeping good friends, and family around you definitely helps you stay focused on what YOU want.

Post Twice a Month

This means 24 posts by the end of 2018. Challenging as it may be… it is achievable. A key part of posting twice a month is just putting my mind too it, and loving what I do!

Create Engaging Content

I want to not only post about topics I love, but what you love! If you have any requests for content, there will be a form at the bottom of this post where you can leave it.

Looking forward to how 2018 is going to turn out, and what it has in store.



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